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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

FATA-KP merger violate 1921 Afghan - British India agreement, MPs demands 'stronger' reaction from the government

Countless at the Wolesi Jirga of the Parliament on Monday emphatically responded over the ongoing choice of Pakistani government with respect to the merger of FATA to KP, asking for the more grounded response of the National Unity Government against this unlawful move.

Despite, the Afghan government had its response against FATA merger, however, the MPs still not fulfilled, calling upon the Afghan authorities to take the issue with the Pakistani government "truly".

More grounded responses were expected to make understand the Pakistani authorities that Afghanistan stands immovably with regards to its territory, the lawmakers included.

As per MPs, Pakistan as of now commenced illicit activities close by the Durand Line, requesting the legislature to embrace clear measures to stop it.

Indicating to the high-positioning Afghan appointment visit to Pakistan, driven by National Security Advisor, Mohammad Haneef Atmar, the lawmakers asked security metal to raise FATA's merger to KP with the Pakistani authorities.

Pakistan's National Assembly as of late passed a bill for the FATA merger – a move Kabul terms it against the 1921 understanding amongst Afghanistan and British India.

What's more, any choice over FATA must experience its kin and in the light of an open agreement, the presidential royal residence said in an announcement on Sunday. "The Afghan government trusts that such choice without discussion with Afghanistan – which bargains the autonomy of the inborn districts – would not be useful to illuminate the issues."

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